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Madesh Pradesh Loksewa Vacancy 2080

Vacancy Published date : 2080-04-32 Last date to apply: 2080-05-3-27The Provincial Public Service Commission According to the provision in sub-section (1) of Article 244 of the Constitution of Nepal, Province No. The Provincial Public Service Commission Act, 2076, passed by the Provincial Assembly of 2076 dated 2076.05.04 has been certified by the Honorable Chief Minister

Madhesh Pradesh Loksewa vacancy 2079

Vacancy Published date : 2079-09-28 Last date to apply : 2079-10- 18 Looking at the past and present of the Public Service Commission, it seems that it has been successful in saving its originality and dignity after going through many ups and downs. The government of more than 3 decades before the democracy envisioned this

Madhesh Province Government Job Vacancy

Vacancy Published date : 2079-04-26 Last date to apply : 2079-05-09 madhesh Province ( Nepali: is a province in the southeastern region of Nepal that was formed after the adoption of the Constitution of Nepal. It is Nepal’s most populous province and smallest province by area . It borders province No.1 to the east, Bagmati