Madesh Pradesh Loksewa Vacancy 2080

Vacancy Published date : 2080-04-32

Last date to apply: 2080-05-3-27
The Provincial Public Service Commission According to the provision in sub-section (1) of Article 244 of the Constitution of Nepal, Province No. The Provincial Public Service Commission Act, 2076, passed by the Provincial Assembly of 2076 dated 2076.05.04 has been certified by the Honorable Chief Minister of the Province and is being implemented. According to the provisions related to the formation of the Provincial Public Service Commission, there is a provision that the commission will have a chairman and two other members. At least 1 on the recommendation of the committee consisting of Honorable Provincial Chief Minister-Chairman, Honorable Speaker of Provincial Assembly-Member and Leader of Opposition Party-Member of Provincial Assembly. Appointing the chairman and members in such a way that there are women and when appointing, at least one of the members of the commission must be from among the people who have been in government service for a period of twenty years or more and the rest of the members must be from science, technology, art, literature, law, There is a provision to be appointed from among the people who have achieved fame through research, research, teaching or any other important work in public administration, sociology or other fields of national life.The constitution of Nepal specifies that with the adoption of federalism, a three-level government will be established in accordance with the spirit and purpose of the constitution, and the state civil service, state police service, and other state government services will be established in order to advance public services in an efficient, orderly and efficient manner. is mentioned

In the present context, it is stipulated in Article 244 of the Constitution of Nepal that there will be a State Public Service Commission for the selection of the necessary employees needed by the state and local levels.


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