Lok Sewa Aayog New Vacancy 2080 /Light Vehicle Driver

Vacancy Published date : 2080-04-31

Last date to apply : 2080-05-19

Total number of vacancy : 360

 The Public Service Commission was V.No. With the establishment of democracy in the country in 2007, with the aim of appointing civil servants through a separate and independent agency. Public Service Commission was established on June 1, 2008 (corresponding to June 15, 1951 AD).Since its inception, this commission has been selecting suitable candidates for civil service posts. Constitution of Nepal Civil Service, Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, NepaIt has been arranged that the written examination to be taken for filling posts in other federal government service posts will be conducted by the Public Service Commission. Part 23 of the Constitution of Nepal has provided for Public Service Commission.Article 243 of the Constitution of Nepal stipulates that it is the duty of the Public Service Commission to conduct examinations to select suitable candidates for appointment to civil service positions. In the said article, it is clarified that "civil service post" means soldier or Nepal Police or Armed Police Force, the service post of Nepal's employees and not the post of civil service, except for other service posts prescribed under the Act, it has been clarified that all other service posts of the Government of Nepal are included.In addition to civil service posts, there is a provision that the Public Service Commission will be responsible for conducting the written examination for the posts of Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, Nepal, other federal government services and organized organizations.

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