Karnali Pradesh Ban Rakshak Vacancy 2080 | Banrakshak Vacancy

Vacancy published date to apply : 2080-04-30

Last date to apply : 2080-05-18

Total number Vacancy : 52

Following the system and principles adopted by the Public Service Commission, as envisioned by the Constitution of Nepal, the Provincial Public Service Commission is creating the necessary laws and curriculum to select the necessary manpower in the provinces and local levels under its jurisdiction. The Commission will perform the tasks within the jurisdiction of the Provincial Public Service Commission, including attracting qualified, skilled and competent candidates for the services to fill the posts, advising on the service conditions of the provincial civil service and other service employees. State Civil Service, State Other Government Service, Local Government Service, State Police Service, State Organized Organization Service, State Assembly Service and Local Level Organized Organization Service, Eligibility, Fairness, Cleanliness, Equal Opportunity, Inclusiveness, Identity Void, Non-affiliation, Confidentiality etc. It has assimilated the principle and is performing accordingly. Without being under any kind of pressure and influence, the Commission will always be active and forward to perform the work as specified by the Act, Rules and prevailing laws, while maintaining the cleanliness, dignity, transparency and dignity of the Public Service Commission in the future. On behalf of the commission, I express my determination to fill the necessary manpower positions as much as possible to make the performance of the provincial government fast, agile, agile and effective by selecting skilled manpower for vacant positions in Ranali province and local levels within the province.I believe that for the successful performance of the commission, we will always receive positive support, important advice and suggestions from the provincial government, local level and all other concerned bodies. I also pledge to keep the dignity of the commission even higher by taking into account their advice and suggestions.

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