Nimabi License Syllabus 2080 l TSC License Syllabus l TSC Nepal

Teacher Service Commission Nepal has published new vacancy of teacher License.

In the Constitution of Nepal, every Nepalese citizen has been recognized as a fundamental right to receive basic education. Similarly, the state has competent and competitive manpower to meet the basic needs of the citizensIt has accepted the production policy. The supply of quality teachers is necessary for the implementation of these constitutional rights. According to the education policy issued by the Government of Nepal, based on the ability, competence and efficiency of the individuaPriority areas have been determined to supply teachers and attract good human resources from different faculties. With the increase in the need to make the teaching and learning done by teachers timely, technology-friendly and high-quality, the Commission has felt the need to do more work in the field of teacher selection. the Accordingly, the Commission has also prepared to refine itself. Which is also a continuous process. Based on the mentioned basis, the Commission is performing its work on the basis of vision for quality education and the selection of qualified and competent teachers for development, growth and change.There is a need for everyone’s cooperation and goodwill to advance the commission’s work in a fair, credible, transparent and reliable manner. In this direction, the Commission always welcomes appropriate advice, suggestions and guidance from the general stakeholders.

Section 11 of the Education Act, 2028 (with amendments) to act on the appointment and promotion of teachers and staff positions approved by the Government of Nepal in community schools across Nepal. Accordingly, the Teachers Service Commission has been formed .This commission mainly recommends the selection and promotion of teachers based on the merit system, providing teaching licenses to those who want to teach, It has been carrying out the tasks of creating and approving the curriculum for the teacher post and teaching license examination and giving suggestions to the Government of Nepal regarding the service, conditions and facilities of teachers.

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