Rastriya Parikshya Board Form

The National Examination Board is defined in the Education Act as a self-governing and organized body with unbroken succession. All across the board. It has a separate stamp for the sake of action. All the activities that are being edited by the Examination Control Office of the Council of Higher Secondary Education are being conducted by the National Board. Moved to Movable/Immovable Assets and Liabilities Board in the name of Higher Secondary Education Council. According to the provision in the Act, the main work of the National Examination Board, which was established for conducting, managing and upgrading school education examinations, is focused on the development of the examination system.

The office of the National Examination Board has been established as the office of the Council of Higher Secondary Education in the past and the daily work is being conducted. Under the National Examination Board, the work related to class 11th and 12th exams and class 10th exams are being done by separate examination control offices.

The 7 state offices and 5 branch offices of the National Examination Board are working in coordination with the district-based education development and coordination unit to provide services.

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