Co-operative new Job Vacancy 2079 Ashad

Last date to apply :2079-04-03

Cooperatives are present across diverse sectors including agriculture, finance and savings, consumer, multipurpose, electricity and health , among others.

The legal framework analysis aims to provide general knowledge of the national cooperative legislation and of its main characteristics and contents, with particular regard to those aspects of regulation regarding the identity of cooperatives and its distinction from other types of business organisations, notably the for-profit shareholder corporation.

It aims to evaluate whether the national legislation in place supports or hampers the development of cooperatives, and is therefore ” cooperative friendly” or not, and the degree to which it may be considered so, also in comparison to the legislation in force in other countries of the ICA region, or at the supranational level.

In addition, the research aims to provide recommendations for eventual renewal of the legal frameworks in place in order to understand what changes in the current legislation would be necessary to improve its degree of ” cooperative friendliness”, which is to say, to make the legislation more favourable to cooperatives, also in consideration of their specific identity. this webpage presents a snapshot of the legal framework analysis results for Nepal.

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