Nepal Bank Ltd Level 3 Syllabus Gold Tester

Syllabus of Nepal Bank Limited Level 3 Junior Assistant ( Gold Tester ) has divided into three steps. First step is written examination, second steps practical exam and the last or third step is interview.
First Step is divided into two subjects. The full syllabus is given below ;

First Step : Written Examination
Subject : General Knowledge and Current Affairs : total 20 multiple questions 2 marks for each questions

Section (A ) : General Knowledge and Current Affairs 40 Marks ( 20 x 2 = 40 )
Multiple Choice Objective Questions
1. Geography, History, Economy, Socio-Cultural and Political Status of Nepal.
2. Constitution of Nepal.
3. Banking History of Nepal and Current status of Bank and Financial Institution of Nepal.
4. Bank and financial institution act, 2073.
5. Company Act, 2063.
6. Basic knowledge on Gold and Silver.
7. Contemporary issues economy, politics, banking, sports, Etc.

Section ( B ) : Banking, Management Accounting and Customer Handling 60 Marks ( 12 x 5 = 60 )
1. Role and Functions of Nepal Rastra Bank and Commercial Bank.
2. Booking and Accounting : Objective, Scope, Function
3. Double Entry System.
4. Balance Sheet : Nature, Purpose and its Presentation.
5. Letter and Memo Writing, Filing, Indexing.
6. Computer Introduction : Windows, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, MIS.
7. Gold and Silver : Price, Weight, Importance, Quality, Purity and Testing methods of precious metal i.e. gold and silver an
d ornaments of gold and silver.
8. Gold and Silver Loan : customer relation, customer handling, margin, safety/security of Loan, Loan deed Promissory of
9. Banking Offence and Punishment Act, 2063
10. Anti money laundering act, 2064
11. Banking History of Nepal
12. Current status of bank and financial institutions in Nepal.

Second Steps : Practical Examination ( Full marks : 50, Pass Marks 25 )

Knowledge of Gold and Silver

  1. gold and gold price
  2. weight, importance, quality and purity of gold and silver
  3. testing method of precious metal : gold or silver
  4. ornaments of gold and silver
    knowledge of gold and silver Loan

Third Step : Interview ( 20 Marks )

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