Gandaki Pradesh Syllabus Sahayak Mahila Bikash Nirikshak

Province Public Service Commission, Gandaki Province has published Syllabus of Level 4 Sahayak Mahila Bikash Nirikshak ( Assistant Women Development Inspector ).

The syllabus is divided into two steps. First step is written examination where you should give two paper exams. The first paper is General Khowledge ( GK ) and General Mental Ability Test ( IQ ) where questions are asked from multiple choice formats. And second paper subject is Development and MIscellaneous. And second steps is compter skill test and interview examinations.

Province Public Service Commission, Gandaki

The Syllabus includes the following topics :

( In English )

Part I : General Knowledge and General Mental Ability Test

General Knowledge 70 Marks

  1. General Information on Solar System and earth

2. Geography of the world

3. Geography of Nepal

4. History of the world

5. History of Nepal ( From ancent period till now )

6. Information on social aspects

7. Economis Status of Nepal ( Agriculture. Industries, Trade, Tourism, Transportation, Communication, Development Planning, etc. )

8. Information on recent scientific activities and major inventions of science which has direct impact on human life

9. Information on Ecology, Bio-diveersity, Environment, Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Environment Management, Polution, Population, etc.

10. Policy and Governance of Nepal – conctitution, political system, local governance, good governance, etc.

11. the UNO, SAARC, ASEAN and EU

12. Information on Current Affairs of national and international importance.

2. General Mental Ability Test ( GMAT ) 30 Marks

2.1 Verbal Reasing Test

2.2 Quantitative ( Numerical ) Reasoning Test

2.3 Non-verbal Reasoning Test

Part II  

  1.  Social Studies       20 Marks
  • Geography of Nepal
  • Basis of Political Divisions of Nepal
  • Nepal`s infrastructures of development
  • Traditions of Nepalese society,etc.
  • main festivals, religious and tourism places of Gandaki Province
  • Social problems and evils
  • Nepalese polity and Governance
  • Provision of women and social inclusive in the constitution
  • Concept and movement of Human Rights in Nepal
  • Political, administrative and economic interrelationship between three levels of government.

  • Health and Population     20 Marks
  • Diseases, Nutrition, Aditiction and Community Health
  • Demography, Population Change and Population Management
  • Information of Gender Equality, Women Empowerment and Social Security      40 Marks
  • concept of gender
  • gender based violence and human trafficking
  • child rights and social security
  • women development and reproduction health
  • Office Management and Miscellaneous       20 Marks
  • Offices Practices
  • Civil Service and Miscellaneous

Sample Questions

  • Write in brief about the climate change found In Himalayan region of Nepal and its effects on economic activities there. ( 2.5+2.5 )
  • “Dowry System” is a social evil. Mention five social effects caused by the problem. ( 5 )
  • Differentiate between sex and gender. ( 5 )
  • Write about the public service delivery ? Writes its importance. ( 2.5+2.5 )
  • Write the functions and duties of District Child Welfare Board. ( 5 )
  • What do you mean by reproductive health ? What are its areas ? Explain in brief. ( 2+8 )

Province Public Service  Commission Contact Details

Gandaki Province

Phone: 061-467958, 061-467873


Chairman : Bishnu Prasad Nepal

Member : Kalpana Lamsal and Yogendra Gauchan

Secretary : Tek Bahadur KC

Spokesperson : Krishna Prasad Acharya 9856078015

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