Gandaki Pradesh Loksewa Syllabus Level 4

Province Public Service Commission Gandaki Administration Service Level Full Syllabus.

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Gandaki Pradesh Loksewa Level 4 Nepal Administration Service full Syllabus :

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The syllabus is divided into two parts. First Part is Written Examination and the last part of exam is computer skill test and interview. The first part exam is divided into three paper. In First paper you will be asked Questions from general knowledge and IQ which are multiple choice questions. Total fifty questions are asked in first paper and you have only 45 minutes time.

After first paper exam, second and third paper is written paper. Second paper question paper subject is Office Management and Third paper question subject is Job Knowledge Related Subject. Time for second and third paper is 2 hours and 30 minutes respectively.

First Paper (GK and IQ) full Sylllabus :

(In English)

PAPER I: – (General Knowledge and Basic Office Skills Test)

Section (A):

General Knowledge Section (A): 60 Marks 30 Questions × 2 Marks = 60 Marks  
  1. Solar System and Geography (6 questions × 2 marks = 12 Marks)
    1.1 General information on solar system and earth.
    1.2 Geography of World – continent, ocean, pole, latitude, longitude, time, distance,
    mountains, earthquake, volcano, rivers, glaciers, lakes, climate.
    1.3 Geography of Nepal – geographical location, relief features and natural resources
    (water resources, animals, plants, soils, minerals, mountains).
  1. History (6 questions × 2 marks = 12 Marks)
    2.1 History of the World – Industrial revolution, French revolution, American War of
    independence, Russian revolution/October revolution, First and Second World wars
    and Indian movement for independence: events, causes and effects.
    2.2 History of Nepal (From ancient period till now)
    2.2.1 Social, economic and political conditions of Kiranti Period, Lichhavi Period
    and Malla Period.
    2.2.2 Modern history of Nepal (from Nepal’s unification to present day) notable
    political events, social, cultural and economic conditions.
  1. Social and economical aspect of Nepal and Polity (6 questions× 2 marks = 12 Marks)
    3.1 Information on social aspect including traditions, norms, values, religions, ethnicity,
    languages, cultures, arts, literature, music, cultural heritages
    3.2 Economic Indicators (economic growth, GDP, per capita income, remittance,
    foreign investment, foreign co-operation)
    3.3 Economic status (agriculture, industry, trade, tourism, transportation,
    communication, development planning) of Nepal.
    3.4 Polity and governance of Nepal – constitution, federal system, political system.
  1. Science Technology, Public Health and Environment ( 6 questions×2 marks= 12 Marks)
    4.1 Information on recent scientific activities and major inventions of science which
    has direct impact on human life.
    4.2 General Information on health, food and nutrition.
    4.3 Information on ecology, bio-diversity, sustainable development, climate change,
    environment management, pollution, population, urbanization, settlement
  1. International Relations and Current Affairs (6 questions × 2 marks = 12 Marks)
    5.1 International affairs and institutions – the UNO and regional organizations (the
    5.2 Information on current affairs of national and international importance, and noted
    personalities and thinkers.

Section (B): Basic Office Skills Test (BOST)
Section (B): 40 Marks 20 Questions × 2 Marks = 40 marks
The Basic Office Skills Test (BOST) includes the following tests:

  1. Verification test: This test will include questions that check or find errors or similarities
    or differences on data, numbers or verbal information.
  2. Completion: This test will consist of questions on verbal or numerical or non-verbal
    (pictorial) details to complete blank space, series, pattern or matrix logically.
  3. Tabulation & Classification: This test will include questions on verbal or numerical
    or non-verbal (pictorial) details to classify or differentiate logically.
  4. Analogy: This test will include questions on verbal or numerical or non-verbal
    (pictorial) details to find out relations logically.
  5. Filing aptitude test: This test will include questions to solve the verbal and numerical
    filing items or operation alphabetically, numerically or chronologically.
  6. Follows instructions: This test will include questions that can be solved by following
    the written instructions exactly.
  7. Numerical reasoning test: This test will include questions related to fundamental
    arithmetic operations.
  8. Coding & Matching test: This test will include questions relating to coding and
    matching of verbal or numerical details.
  9. Analytical reasoning & Comparative test: This test will include verbal or numerical
    or non-verbal (pictorial) types of analytical reasoning questions.
  10. Direction and Distance sense test: This test will include questions to find the
    direction and distance.

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