Gandaki Province Declared fully Literate Province

On Sunday 24th Ashoj 2078 prime minister of Nepal Mr. Sher Bahadur Deuba has declared Gandaki Province as fully literate province.

All 85 local levels and all 11 districts of province have been declared literate province. According to the ministry of Education, Culture, Science,Technology and Social Development of Gandaki Province the average literacy rate in the age group of 15 to 60 is 96.57 percent.

Bagmati Province has already declared as a fully literate province on 11th Ashoj 2078.

About Gandaki Province

Council of Ministers of Gandaki Province

  1. Ministry of Physical Infrastructure, Urban Development and Transport Management
  • Kumar Khadka
  1. Ministry of Finance
  • Ramji Baral
  1. Ministry of Energy, water resources and drinking water
  • Hari Sharma Acharya
  1. Ministry of Youth and sports
  • Rajiv Gurung
  1. Ministry of tourism, industry, commerce and supplies
  • Manibhadra Sharma
  1. Ministry of health and population
  • Madhumaya Adhikari
  1. Ministry of land management, agriculture, co-operatives and poverty alleviation
  • Chandra Bahadur Buddha
  1. Ministry of law, Communications and province assembly affairs
  • Bindu Kumar Thapa
  1. Ministry of forest ,Environment and land conservation
  • Deepak Thapa
  1. Ministry of education , culture, science, technology and social development
  • Mekhlal Shrestha

Gandaki Province is one of the province of Nepal. According to the constitution for Nepal,2072 there are seven province and seventy seven districts. Among seven province province of Nepal, Gandaki is one of them. Pokhara is located in kaski district of Gandaki Province which is province headquarter of Gandaki Province. Its area is 21,504 square per kilometer. Eleven districts are located in Gandaki Province. Its literacy rate is 74.81 percent. Gandaki Province has 9.06 percent of country`s total population. Its population growth rate is 0.03 percent. Population according to cast or ethnicity are Brahman, Magar, Chhetri, Gurung, Kami, Newar, Sarki, Damai, Tamang, Tharu and others respectively. Population under poverty line is 14.19 percent. Main occupation of province is agriculture. About 72.4 percent of province are directly or indirectly engaged in agriculture occupation. Average life expectancy of province is seventy years. Major lakes of province are : Phewa lake, Rupa lake, Begnas lake, Tilicho lake, etc.

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